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    I am a lover of life. Blessed beyond measure to have four wonderful children and a husband who tolerates my creativity (: I am inspired by the beauty in an ordinary moment and I see deeply within the slightest expression. I feel everything. My work is so much of who I am. I am a creative, an artist & a lover of the light. A dreamer, believer and eternal optimist. I love what I do. I believe in it. There is so much to be seen in a simple, ordinary moment, to be enjoyed long after it's been lived. Life, love, joy, beauty.... each and every portfolio I create and share tells a story. Life Documented. This is what I do. I hope you enjoy it!

Rhode Island Art Classes: B Colorful!

My girls and I had the great opportunity to meet local art teacher Beth Brugnoli in her fantastic new art studio, B. Colorful, where she will begin teaching children’s art lessons this week! First, let me begin by saying- Beth is wonderful at what she does! The girls immediately took to her and listened intently to her instruction… magic! Beth had adapted the lesson for a multiage class… the girls, ages 5-9 were all equally interested and excited to create- anyone who works with children knows that this is no easy task…( quite frankly I was amazed!) The girls were mesmorized by Beth and their project. Most importantly, Beth’s sincere interest, encouragement and compliment, which she shared with each of the girls, was the factor that made the greatest impression on me. Each child was so proud of her work and her efforts! Voila! Success!  Such a great experience! 

Thank you Beth for sharing your time and talent with us. We look forward to our art lessons at B Colorful beginning this week!

B Colorful is located at 4372 Post Road in Warwick RI. All are invited to attend the studio’s Grand Opening this Saturday January …feel free to stop by and check it out! I bet you will be back!  For more info on B. Colorful, visit the facebook page here: B.Colorful on Facebook Or, contact Beth Brugnoli @ 401-255-1269 / (:


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