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    I am a lover of life. Blessed beyond measure to have four wonderful children and a husband who tolerates my creativity (: I am inspired by the beauty in an ordinary moment and I see deeply within the slightest expression. I feel everything. My work is so much of who I am. I am a creative, an artist & a lover of the light. A dreamer, believer and eternal optimist. I love what I do. I believe in it. There is so much to be seen in a simple, ordinary moment, to be enjoyed long after it's been lived. Life, love, joy, beauty.... each and every portfolio I create and share tells a story. Life Documented. This is what I do. I hope you enjoy it!

Newborn Baby Dominic {Lifestyle Newborn Documentary}

It’s no secret that this sweet family has a special place in my heart.

We have been through some pretty special moments together!


Seriously. Everyone should be so lucky in love.


Maria had hired me as her wedding photographer a year before the big day… and in planning, we quickly became friends. I imagine everyone who knows Maria and Dan considers them friends. To know them is to love them. They are genuinely wonderful people.

I will never forget the day Maria invited me to meet her downtown. I explained I had the baby at home, and of course she said “bring the baby! I would love to see her!” When we arrived, we spoke about the wedding and what I recommended with regard to the venue and locations for formal photos. As we were wrapping up, Maria asked to hold the baby, and handed me a beautiful monogrammed necklace. She thanked ME for being wonderful and for a “great job” (that I hadn’t even done yet.) But really, she explained, the necklace was a token of friendship.

While this is so typical of Maria’s sweet and generous nature, I was still so completely caught off guard.

I explained to her that anyone on earth lucky enough to have her friendship knows that SHE is truly the gift herself!

This handsome baby boy was only a twinkle in her eye then. But she had already dreamed of him, for sure. I remember her talking about babies at the engagement session a year before. And about a baby that might be (only weeks after her wedding day.)

This beautiful baby boy is a dream come true.

He is so blessed to have Maria as his mother. And Dan as his Dad. In minutes I saw that he was born to be a father… One of the kindest, and most genuine fathers on earth.

It was absolutely my pleasure to be able to capture Baby Dominic’s loving welcome into this wonderful family.
Every single minute brought me so much joy!
Is she not the most beautiful mother?!?

 I love his nautical themed nursery!
Every photo of this little guy was my favorite!

But I have to say… it’s the documentary of the family that makes my heart happy.

Wishing these people all the best!



Charlotte Thinks Laughter Projectweb
I’m so proud of this kiddo! Charlotte is 150% into her Science Project {“Is Laughter The Best Medicine?”} She received OVER 200 submissions of data via her last blog post over on {Charlotte Thinks}! Today she is updated her followers and asked them to “Tell her a Joke!” She will be including her favorite submissions in her presentation at the science fair this week! To submit, or read more about her project, visit her blog here:

Great Food at Turtle Soup! {Narragansett, Rhode Island Restaurant}

If you live in Rhode Island, then there is a good chance that you’ve heard of Turtle Soup

(Hello Summer at the Narragansett sea wall!)

Perhaps you’ve stopped in for a drink…

These drinks are served outside on the lawn during the spring/summer/fall…  So nice!

Have you been in? It’s absolutely charming!


Not for nothing, but these photos tell a little story about some delicious cuisine!


I got carried away with the burger. But seriously. It was amazing!

Check out their full menu… something for everyone!


Soups, salads, pizza’s, pastas, seafood, steak, lamb chops…

I REALLY think you should stop in!

(And if you do, you can thank this awesome family for your meal!)

Great People + Great Place=

Turtle Soup.