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    I am a lover of life. Blessed beyond measure to have four wonderful children and a husband who tolerates my creativity (: I am inspired by the beauty in an ordinary moment and I see deeply within the slightest expression. I feel everything. My work is so much of who I am. I am a creative, an artist & a lover of the light. A dreamer, believer and eternal optimist. I love what I do. I believe in it. There is so much to be seen in a simple, ordinary moment, to be enjoyed long after it's been lived. Life, love, joy, beauty.... each and every portfolio I create and share tells a story. Life Documented. This is what I do. I hope you enjoy it!

Flashback… Emmeline’s Newborn Session {Newport RI Newborn Photographer}

I adore this family!

I photographed their wedding back in 2011… And have been lucky enough to call them Friends ever since.

 When you do what you love, and you love what you do… People can feel it.

I love creating photographs and making memories for these people… They have always been so completely grateful!

Life is Good Like That.

Thank you for having me photograph your sweet newborn girl.

Emmeline is perfect.

…from head to toe!

She even smiled for us.

Kristin- You are Radiant! Seriously. Who looks this good days after giving birth?!? (You, apparently!)
There are too many favorites.
(I had to throw in the black and white. I LOVE BLACK AND WHITE PHOTOGRAPHS! There is a storytelling quality to them I am so drawn to.)
Thank You, Again.

I love your family!

Happy Birthday Emmeline! …A celebration inspired by Dr. Seuss!

Happy Birthday Emmeline!

I was so thrilled to be asked back to celebrate this baby girl’s first year!

I photographed Emmeline’s newborn session last year…


Isn’t she the sweetest!?!

I also met up with her family last summer to photograph her 6th month portrait.


I loved this session!

And, last but not least…

I also had the privilege of photographing her parent’s wedding at The Chanler in 2011.

Connerton Chanler KOHN 690 WEB
Such a beautiful wedding!

I truly feel blessed to call these clients my friends.

It’s awesome how that works out!

-Back to Emmeline’s big Day-

Emmeline’s Mom and Auntie are very good with planning… (The Sullivan 16 might call that an understatement!)

Planning And Pinterest. And Details. And Presentation…. You see where I am going here.

They took her love for all things Dr. Seuss and collected/crafted the festive and fun decor on display in her portrait.

It was an adorable set for a sweet, sweet girl! Absolutely perfect in every way, actually.

Oh, Happy Birthday To You Emmeline!


{My favorite Monday in the history of Vintage Baby Clothes}

Yesterday was Monday.

Mondays are not always super awesome days around here.

The Big Kids head to school in a rush because we’re out of the routine,

and Clara and I are left to pick up the leftover mess from the weekend.

So our Mondays are usually boring cleaning days.

Newsflash to anyone who doesn’t know me…

I’m not really into cleaning.

On this Monday, the girls room was a mess too. It was obvious that they were rushing this morning.

There were clean clothes tossed from drawers and scattered across the closet floor.

As soon as I began to pick up I saw that this adorable pair of corderoy pink overalls must have fallen from the hanger.

I picked them up and immediately noticed that the fabric on the buttons was ripped and almost coming off.

Too bad.

Holding them up, they almost looked too small for Clara.

The matching jacket was no where to be found and I contemplated putting them aside as something she wouldn’t be able to wear.

Actually, I’m not sure what made me try them on her but I did. And they fit! She looked so cute!

I went into my room and pulled out my camera. She was due for some camera time anyway.

This gallery is a collection of portraits & storytelling: {Clara on Monday}

My sweet girl.

Clara @ 19 mos.

Seen here with her toys. The toys are cute so we’ve held on to them, but she pretty much just goes for the Big Kids stuff.

(Exception: She does like the pink telephone! And the baby dolls, not pictured.)

Oh the many faces of my little love! She is such a joy, but also such a rascal sometimes!

Those blueberry eyes say so much.

And the wonder. She is so full of fun loving curiosity.

She is so proud of herself now that she can run and jump and climb!

I love this series.

She loves music so much. She is always trying to play the guitar or the keyboard.

(Or listen to John Legend on anyone’s iPod. Haha)

And this… The Story of The Vintage Baby Pants <3

So I posted this on Facebook yesterday.

Screenshot 2015-03-17 17.39.23

Thank goodness for Facebook!

I had no idea.

My NANA MADE THESE PANTS for MY MOM in the 1950’s!

Well if that doesn’t make yesterday the sweetest Monday in the history of vintage baby clothes I don’t know what does.

I love it!

 #ThirdGenerationToWearThePinkPants #MondayRocked #ItDosentTakeMuch

Happy Birthday Ellie! Party Designed and Hosted by Couture Parties

Stephanie Grimm of Couture Parties is an AHHHHMAZING creative DIY genius!

As her bff, I may be a tad biased- but you can’t argue the TRUTH!

Check out this ADORABLE party she designed and hosted for her daughter Ellie’s 8th birthday just last week!

The decor and details are (true to her signature style) …Perfectly Preppy! 

Super Yummy Cake! (by Newport Sweet Shoppe!)
Ellie requested donations for The Confetti Foundation in place of Birthday Gifts this year.

The Confetti Foundation supplies boxed party materials to children celebrating their birthdays in the hospital.

Read more about the Confetti Foundation here.

 I love the way Stephanie incorporates the schedule in her events!

Ellie’s party included simple crafts -that made for perfect keepsakes, traditional party games

& a themed party favor (they each adopted a dog!)

 Each girl was so entertained, and smiling ear to ear all afternoon!



Happy 8th Birthday Ellie! XO