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    I am a lover of life. Blessed beyond measure to have four wonderful children and a husband who tolerates my creativity (: I am inspired by the beauty in an ordinary moment and I see deeply within the slightest expression. I feel everything. My work is so much of who I am. I am a creative, an artist & a lover of the light. A dreamer, believer and eternal optimist. I love what I do. I believe in it. There is so much to be seen in a simple, ordinary moment, to be enjoyed long after it's been lived. Life, love, joy, beauty.... each and every portfolio I create and share tells a story. Life Documented. This is what I do. I hope you enjoy it!

Newport Rhode Island Family Photographer: Generation Family Session Middletown RI

It’s no secret that I absolutely LOVE Photographing Families. I put my heart and soul into this work. It feeds me. This experience was one of my favorites. I love this family, as I have been photographing C&J’s family for 6 years now. Actually, Cheryl often jokes that I have taken every photo displayed in her home… (I cannot express how complimentary those words are!) It’s an honor. The truth is, I would love these people even if I hadn’t had the pleasure of documenting their joyful (and sometimes shy) smiles over the years. They are, quite frankly, some of the nicest, most sincere people you will ever meet. When I met Jen and Jill two summers ago (Mother and Sister of Jeff and Cheryl) it was as if I had known these women all my life. Seriously. When You Meet Good People, You Just KNOW. And these, Are Good People. Enjoy the photographs! It was my pleasure to create these with you. XO KWC




Jill AngelesJanuary 21, 2015 - 11:47 pm


Thank you again for these images! They are beautiful! Words cannot express the gratitude that I feel. I am so glad that we got to meet those two summers ago! Hopefully we will be able to come visit again in the summer and we can have a beach day again. Ally often mentions your daughters and playing at the beach!


Product Photography {The Most Beautiful Crochet Gifts/Accessories!} Crochet by Marilyn

Looking for beautiful, handmade crocheted pieces you will LOVE to wear? Or to make the perfect holiday gift? (While supporting LOCAL business?) I highly recommend Crochet by Marilyn (not only because we have linked up professionally) but because her work is truly AMAZING!

Check out the PERFECT quality of her products! And how much fun these little models are having wearing them (no complaints!) They LOVED these hats/mittens/scarves/accessories SO MUCH that they have been wearing them ever since!

Product photography and Portraits by Connerton Photography for Crochet by Marilyn.


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Connerton Photography & Crochet By Marilyn

Happy Holidays!

A Very Happy Birthday To One of My Favorite People in the World!

Happy Birthday!

Have fun being TEN! #Double Digits! WOW. I can’t even believe it.

It seems like yesterday you were a BABY.

In a few short years, you have become this radiant light in the world.

I am so proud of you.

I love that You love to laugh!

I love hearing you love life… it’s music to my ears.

And so contagious!

This is your JOY.

It is an especially wonderful gift you share with us.


If every girl could be blessed with what you two share.


You are such a good friend.

And such a fun loving goofball (:

What’s better than that?!?


This is love.

We love you so much!

Wishing you the Happiest of Birthdays Isabella.

Keep shining that beautiful light you give to this world.

You are Amazing.


*All knit accessories in this post were crafted by the brilliant Crochet by Marilyn. Check out her shoppe here! You will love this stuff!